Mirror on the Wall

I look in the mirror and all i see is sephora, mac, and  forever 21 mixed into one. To the world thats me the real me, but to me thats just my disguise my mask is as if it were to be halloween everyday some days i look in the mirror and think how is it posible to feel so blue yet look like the sun on gorgeous summer day. I put up a wall every day thinking that it will help me feel normal but then again what is normal? Why do i, why do we have to pretend to be something were not why do we have to use a mask to cover everything up if being yourself is the most amazing thing you could ever be. Putting up a wall is never the best thing to do yea it might be easy but who said life was going to be easy.



I really like the message behind your poem! You convey some of the same feelings I have about makeup! (I'm a guy though, so it's a bit different, maybe) 


Keep it up! 

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