Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

There's this girl in the mirror

I wonder who she is.

There's a story, lullabies, and goodbyes

When she's looking back at me, I can tell she's hurting inside

She smiles with all that she has left yet tears are left un-dried

Although shes got so much to say, she bottles it all up inside.


If you look past her broken eyes, you will see a shadow no one sees

a disguise that you won't even recognize. 

No one will know the pain she feels inside

She's living in a world where being herself is never good enough.

The pains so strong she can't bare, she just doesn't care.


Walking each day, acting like everything is okay, 

but as life goes on she's hurting more in every way.

You'll just never know all the eotions she chooses not to show.


Hurting yourself on the outside hoping to kill the pain on the inside. 

Shes been weak, shes been strong, shes been through the fire 

and gone through the storm.

Not afraid of the razor in her hand and not afraid to leave.


She's smiling but inside she's dying. 

Behind the innocent smile, lays words that go unsaid.

Remember that girl in the mirror?

She's craving to know who she is. 


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Amazing words so heartfelt keep writing your true feelings


Thanks so much! (:

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