Mirror, Mirror, on the wall;

Mon, 06/12/2017 - 02:07 -- AV98

<p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall;I'm standing here staring appalled.Whose that girl in the reflection,Laced with all those imperfections. </p>   <p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall; Staring into the glass, I start to bawl.Thunder thighs that expand when I sit,Not a slim-fit beauty, but a misfit.</p>   <p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall;Please help me, I want to enthrall. Rolls upon rolls on my body,For once I want to be called a hottie.</p>   <p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall; Trying so hard to stand tall.Bird's nest hair that won't stay in one place, A meaningful existence, not some basket case. </p>   <p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall;Losing faith, spiraling into a downfall.Skinny waist with an hourglass figure,Everyday I wish I could transfigure.</p>   <p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall;At last here comes the big fall.My soul shatters into a million pieces,The ability to dream, hope, or wish immediately ceases. </p>   <p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall;Here I am, on the verge of a brawl.Keeping a smile that isn't real,A fate that I knew was surely sealed. </p>   <p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall;Tonight I met a boy at the mall.He made my heart drop,A feeling that would not stop.<p>   <p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall;A goofball that plays football. Terrified that he might lie, He chose a girl like me, why?</p>   <p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall;Looking back it's hard to recall.I used to hate myself and my looks, He taught me how to overlook.</p>   <p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall;No longer trying to be a doll.Forget societies perceptions,All it leads to is destruction.</p> <p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall;I am beautiful after all. Everyone is perfect in their own way,Let no one's opinions ruin your day.</p>   <p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall;Goodbye dear friend, my future calls.No longer shall I waste away,For now I know, I slay. </p>

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Wow fantastic how u converse with the mirror poetically. Begins with social anxieties n concerns about looks then ends positively in love that overlooks all. Great. Kudos for the super rhyming too.

Im a new poet here but have been writing elsewhere for ages so I invite u to comment my latest poem too. Readers elsewhere tell me they enjoy my poems  lots so hoping u will too.

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