Mirror, mirror on the wall


  Mirror, mirror on the wall,

you showed no truth to her at all.

Where there was bone,

hanging close to skin,

you showed her what she saw,

as an unwanted sin.

You showed her images,

that were distorted and shattered,

until her self image was worn down and tattered.


  Mirror, mirror on the wall,

you shouldn't be her friend at all.

You're worse than the scale, 

she no longer believes.

Worse than the tampered pictures,

in fashion magazines.

Because mirror, dear mirror,

with your reflections that used to be so clear,

you forgot to warn your lady love,

that objects are not always as they appear.


  Mirror, mirror on the wall,

she found no truth in you at all.

Now all you were lays on the floor,

shattered pieces of glass that once bore,

the painful images she bore with cloudy eyes,

for she finally found out they were all a bunch of lies.


  Mirror, mirror on the wall,

you didn't do your job well at all.

Now watch her recover, 

with the help of real friends

and become one more of the fair ladies,

that happily roam these new lands.



Guide that inspired this poem: 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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