Mirror mirror

I say mirror mirror on the wall

who's the prettiest of them all? 

He say ohhh girl it's only u 
When I look at u I get something new
baby girl ur beautiful 
don't got to hide from what's inside of u. 
Masking all that pain just to keep ur cool 
Girl it's ok
it's girls like u 
Mirror mirror on the wall
Is this love genuine or just another sin? 
Is it the color of my skin
that makes me want to mask what's within?
Or is it the way I use my synonyms? 
No I am not always drammatically correct
But that doesn't not prove that my heart is nonetheless.
I use hate to express how much I love things
and show love to the things I hate the best. 
Does that make me a sarcastic mess? 
 I like to believe I'm a fantastic aurtheress! 


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