Mirror Mirror


What matters to me? What matters to you? To him or to her or to us all?

What a simply complicated question, like a river or a song, an answer so long;

A long graceful tree with so many poking, preaching branches to call, so tall,

So which do I pick? How about the jule plated, most precious of them all?

To be yourself, instead of anyone else....is most definatly hardest of all,

But to make a mark, change these ink stained rips and grace riddened steps;

Fight tooth and nail with every tale: you must give your all,

Dispite every reaping shawl or failing broken concept,

At the end of every ceaseless day, the one in the mirror is always there to stay;

Wipe away those dirt covered streaks on that wary face, look with a kindness of forgotten sharpened words.

Forget our expectations that reach impossible heights, or other chipping eyes and throw your heart astray;

So don't grasp at those feathers at the tips of winged birds,

Worth all the world's wealth, that's what you are.

Mirror mirror on the wall, being yourself is most important of all,



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