A Mirror Does not Make Me


United States
40° 51' 35.19" N, 74° 7' 47.5248" W

As I look in the reflection of the mirror
I feel a sense of disgust With myself
For what I sees is unpleasant
Gross, foul, horrific
Any other terms that are equivalent to the first few adjective that I previously mention
Constantly comparing myself to others
My self confidence is abused
With the beatings of my visual and verbal opinions
Desperate for a random complement
Of how attractive I may be
I attempted to reconstruct myself
Pilling on the man made cover ups
To my virgin skin
squeezing into clothing the size of a toddler
Punching holes in many part of my body just to place in fake metal
I truly believed that with this current debut That I would received the many attention that I always wanted
The sweet words I dream that people would recite me
To finally love and except myself
Only later to find out I was adding on to my insightfulness
Only to learn that the fame I so longed for would shame me
Putting me in a more distress place in my mind
Gaining tasteless titles
Hating my appearance even more
So that I won't go deeper in self dissatisfaction I undid my make over
And gave up on letting the image off a mirror make a fool out of me


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