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This is the story that is more about nothing. More or less the present day Cinderella story where nothing turned into something. On these many roads of life there are so many twist and turns, shade gets picked up and thrown and you crosses bridges that you then burn. As a younging your canvas is so empty your mind and your dreams run wild. With a little bit of patience you can achieve anything (hmph). Words mean nothing without emotion put into it. Out of all the people who you picked up in life and gave you hope...how many do you think really meant you could do it. Young girl I see you walking tall wit your head up high. Always wearing that beautiful mask when you walk by. Remove that mask when you reach your abode tears and scars run down..yea I know cause I've been in your soles. Trying to paint a vivid picture in the dark all you know for sure is where your canvas starts. Breath after breath you let your soul out trying to bask in your souls lost light.

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Wow beautiful poem I really love the concept

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