My lifeguard walked on water.

My pastor cast demons out of people’s sons and daughters.

My chef fed 5,000 people with two fish and five loaves of bread.

My mortician raised people from the dead.

My doctor healed the sick when they touched His robes.

My friend loves me more than I’ll ever know.

My weather man calmed storms

To the Virgin Mary, he was born.

My role model bears the weight of the universe.

Although tempted many times, He never gave in to sin; a terrible curse.

My teacher taught me everything I need to know, and more.

My everything was crucified on the cross and forgave all sins, which is quite a chore.

My savior conquered the grave

And because of Him, we are saved.

My Savior is and was all of this and more.

My question to you is: what about yours?


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