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She always kept to herself

She stood in her head

Not once did she ever think about 

Letting anyone else in

Until he came around 

He held out a hand

She had never seen such a gesture 

He said "come with me, stay with me"

She asked "why"

He said "trust me"

She said "okay"

She trusted him

He said "I love you"

She let him in


He showered her in affection 

Promised everlasting love 

He said "oh, baby I'm so glad you're mine"

She thought: "how endearing, how romantic"

She said: "I'll always be yours"

But by saying that she didn't know she was saying "take me, take me, steal me away from myself" 


She gave herself up

Her body

Her soul

Her mind

And he took it all

But he didn't love any of it

He stole it 

Her brittle soul needed a gentle touch 

He squeezed it in his tight grasp 

So it couldn't get out


And as the days turned into nights turned into weeks turned into to years she felt herself deteriorate, crumble

Parts of her fell off, one by one.

Her passions were gone

All that once lifted her up put her down

All of her desires remained 


She looked in the mirror and saw someone she thought she knew, now she was seeing someone unappealing,

unattractive, uninteresting, 

Worth nothing


He made her believe he was the best she could have 

He was the only thing for her

After all, she was his forever 

And because she was his

She was no longer hers 

And because of this

She broke

She crumbled into pieces


Those pieces 

Lied on the ground 

Those pieces 

Stared back at her and smiled

She looked at the pieces 

Those pieces 

We're still her 


They were beautiful pieces 

Of a beautiful broken girl

They were scattered, but she found them one by one

And she tried to put them back together again


But it was too late

His grasp was tight and it wasn't letting go

But then she realized 

She had the strength 

To pry it open 


But it was too late

Before she realized 

That if he really loved her

He would have let her love herself


But it wasn't too late 

The beautiful pieces could be put back together 

They fit as perfectly as they always did 

They were still her

And they were hers

And they were worth more than what he thought 

And they were worth more than what she thought 

How could I be so foolish 

How could I be so blind

To the fact that before I'm ever anyone else's

First I am 


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