Mind Domination


Power dominates the human mind.
You hold some you can’t define.
Try and stop me now I’ll make you blind.
Power dominates the human mind.
Sometimes it makes you cross the line.
Maybe you’ll wipe out mankind,
and you’ll be the only one left behind.
The world can be so unrefined,
it never lines up, its intertwined.
Power dominates the human mind,
better watch out, I won’t be undermined.



Short poems are delighting, almost like a quick bite of your favorite cake.

This poem, though short, it's concise and powerful. One thing i have found that

works with short poems is breaking the lines sometimes-totally up to you.

This will allow you to divide the poeminto stanzas. Your use of comma and

periods also makes the poem clear whilst using a concrete rhyme scheme.


very well thought out piece, and i encourage you to continue exploring short poems.





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