Military Sister

The greatest look i ever received

was the fire in my father’s eyes

the accepting ocean in my mother’s

and the entire universe embedded in my sister’s

my sister

i have to wait until march?

i am on the verge of marching to you

one year almost

and i still haven’t gotten a bear hug


i am gratified

you wear your flight cap like a crown

like the crown you were born to wear

but sister i am seething

why do they get you for holidays

they have taken enough time

a limb seems to be missing

christmas is supposed to be time

for family to be super glued

but there is a piece missing

wide open

sister i love you

you are the beacon guiding me home

home meaning my own world

please just know i am impatiently waiting for my universe to come hom

This poem is about: 
My family


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