Midnight Whisperings

 Ah, yes look how she shines

 Look how she treads lightly

 Observe her soft appealing lines

 But ignore her pained lips, sealed tightly.



 Oh but morn her they say!

 When there is no longer a day

 That her once beautiful rays

 Shine in an alluring array.



Ah, yes look how she shines

 Adore her as she is whisked away

 Ignoring all that she defines

 Freedom and love’s given way.



 She whispers softly in the night

 All that fills her with fright.

 None hear her desperate fight

 To retain her once radiant light.



 Ah, yes look how she shines

 Her depraved mind,

 Slowly disfiguring her once smooth lines

 Oh how they mourn the death of her “kind”



 All but few look with blind eyes,

 Oh so occupied with their carefully etched disguise

 To see what dwells and dies,

 Her true self that everyone denies.



 "Ah yes look how she shines!"

 That is all she ever heard

 "Oh but what a pity!"

 They now cry (as they should).



 But they do not morn her,

 No they morn their forced image

 And so she dies a cur

 Only then they realize it was all a mirage



 A sharp and brilliant mind is gone,

 Like so many before,

 In the end it all goes on,

 With every girl forced to walk through that door.



 And all they ever bother to say is:

 "Ah look how she shines!"

This poem is about: 
Our world


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