Midnight Thought

I look at the time and it just hit 12 O’clock

I sigh out loud as I get lost in my thoughts

Thinking about your lovely smile and the feelings you provoke

As I toss and turn on the sheets you left me on

This is deeper than love as I compare the stories that have been told

You really left a mark on me when you touched my soul

And the saddest part is that I have to deal with this alone

As I am fantasizing in the midnight and enjoying my thoughts

But I’m just glad that this effect on me is from your cause

Giving me butterflies in my stomach and tickling my toes

I turn to the other side of the bed where you were on

Feeling the presence of your absence as my bed is getting cold

Then I imagine your sparkling eyes intentionally so I can get lost

Lost in the thoughts and emotions that your Love got me on

Remembering when I told you I Love you with my fingers crossed

Then you laughed about it and made it a joke

Not realizing that you’re making the Love evolve

I toss and turn again and look up in the ceiling

Then start painting Love pictures on how I’m feeling

It’s kind of insane but lovely when you’re the reason

I’m glad you got me hooked since Love is what you were fishing

I hope this will be for the best now that you’ve got my attention

I even wrote this poem with no clear intention

I hope you recognized that “Midnight thought” is the caption

I wonder how it feels to know at midnight I’m always awake and you’re the reason.



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