Midnight Ride

One single bus
A lone driver
Empty bus stop

Moon shines brightly
Footfalls clicking
Worn-out lady

Eyelids drooping
Yawn coming on
Bag drags along

She climbs the steps
And pays the toll
Anywhere her


Long rows of seats
Yet she sits there
Across from me

I smile, wave
Raising a hand
She stares blankly

What is her mind
At this moment

I wish I could
Help her someway
I don’t know how

She is silent
Sitting still….still
Never moving

Music playing
A radio
Somewhere distant

Then she looks up
As the bus stops
Near the school yard

Her eyes water
Her tears fall down
She bows her head

The next stop comes
She exits there
City center

Why at midnight
Would she stop there?
The city square

Alone she walks
Towards the kids’ park
But it’s empty

I’ll never know
Who she is or
Why she was here

On the midnight
Bus ride alone
To anywhere

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