Midnight Moonshine; response to stereo typing

I am that sunflower that grows to the moonlight

You feed me moonshine and I spit water like liquid courage

Just like moon

 I shine bright

and no thank you

 I don’t need Nobody’s SON to reflect that

Talk loud, dress loud, laugh loud

Nah, don’t gotta out to laugh loud

     Dressy clothes but chill vibes

The boujie b!tch with mood rings and thick thighs

And hips like-wise in your eyes she’s wise

But won’t validate your lies

       They say sticks and stones

But deep wounds heal fast

Especially those cut from a half-full glass

       They say words will never hurt me

So keep my pocketbook full with a wide vocabulary

I speak my mind

but sometimes speaks back

Sharp heals is to sharp mind

 with no click clack   

Full head is to full gun

with no do-rag

Cus in this world knowledge is power

And I won’t settle for nothing.

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