Midnight Escapade

All asleep in their own beds,

Humans really do not know

What wonder lurks inside their house.

Shadows! Dancing, to and fro.


When humans turn down their lights, 

Shadows seem to disappear.

But the come out again,

When they know the coast is clear.


They dance around, silently,

Lighter than a sparrows feather.

They'll be friends, 'til the end,

Happily all trooping together.


And then at half an hour to twelve,

They lightly flutter all outside.

And although their dark every time,

They always look on the bright side.


They dance around the small back roads

In such a silent, grand parade.

Dressed in black and silvery robes,

Keep up with the midnight escapade.


All through the farmhouse,

And to the wolves' den, 

Swim through the river, 

And around the bend!


Finally they creep

All the way home.

They do not sleep 

When we do not roam.


I thought it peaceful 

To think of these things.

Shadows, instead of gold

Or diamond rings.


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