I die ever time I see you

I see those eyes and they remind me of a time

A time when you told me what to do 

I did what I didn't want to

I see your eyes and it's the reminder of the fear I have inside of me building

The fear inside of me screaming to get out 

To get away from you and never let me see you again 

But I can't this is what happens thanks school and legal system 

Thank you for giving the assaulter more rights then the assaulted

I've had nightmares of you and I wake up and I'm in one

I can't escape it no matter how much I need too

It's like I have a pebble tied to my ankle and I'm slowly sinking into the water

Except as I get deeper the pebble grows bigger into a rock

Then into a boulder and before I know it I'm drowning 

I'm drowning in the mess you created for me and the mental illness that follows

I just want to die but I'm at the bottom of the ocean suffering

This is how you make me feel every day you are near me

Fifty feet away your a pebble ok I'm sinking but I can survive this

20 feet away you are a rock and it gets harder not to fear for my safety

5 feet away and your a boulder and I just want to die so I don't have to suffer and be suffocated in the water

Inches away and I stop breathing I go into complete panic for my well being I want to be rescued or to be dead 

How things are working there is no life boat just the ocean floor and sharks and I pray that they kill me before you lay one eye on me

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You put what i feel into words so beautifully.

This poem has so much emotion

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