Thoughts running amuck.Growth is more than physical And the mind is new. Each year creates change, Development begins withA sensual feel. No more baby talkOnly, "I love you baby",Hormones befall us. A rumbling force,yet the day a calm Monday.There is an escape.  It went unnoticed, Until nausea set in.Aunt flow never came.


Guide that inspired this poem: 



Past the horizon the sun sets

but I cannot touch it.

On the beach the waves create giant caves

but I cannot not reach them.

The clouds create marshmellow figures

but i cannot taste them.

My mind is wonders.



Is it me? Yes, it's you whose feeling of loneliness engulfs us both.


Because of your inability to feel loved.


You lack the necessary drive to move past pain. 


The childhood dreams that you used to know have slowly began to fade, leaving only a harsh reality.


Your father died. 

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