A Metallic Beautiful Noise

Pounding drums fill my savage nature,

The sound of the booming bass as it cuts through the clicky kick drums rattles my mind,

Raunchy, raw crunchy low-fi or full of sweet low end hi-fi guitars makes my head wanna bang

Poor or great production value doesn't matter to me

But most importantly as long as the vocalist violently screeches,

Screams like a banshee,

Roaring yells with passion or gutterly growl right in my face

Heavy metal will forever have a place in my heart.


Heavy Metal is more than music

The honesty is what connects and a binds me to this music genre.

It talks about real world problems, addressing a message to the listeners

Unlike pop music which nowadays is filled with mindless garbage.

In my teenage years I was exposed to unexpected changes

Changes that will have a lasting impact

Where I become misunderstood and wanted salvation

When my personality changed to an abomination

My own conscience started to eat away at me

That's when i feel that I was cursed.


But heavy metal spoke to me in my darkest moments of my life

As a young individual who was madden by a world that seemed to reject me

Darkness is what seemed to comfort me because the world around me has become boxed in, Dull and lifeless.

It's an outlet or drug to escape the hellish reality I live in

The fury, intense energy, the yelling, screaming and shouting, the technicality, raw production, The bleak and cold lyrics unleashes power over me

it's empowering, it's powerful music.

The attitude makes me want to be true, hard and real to myself

Not let people down

giving it all i can.

It's music I'll live for until the end of time.


I can't live without Heavy Metal

Because it's in my blood now and forever will be an ally against all odds.


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