A Merchant's Requiem

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 12:43 -- kados


United States
42° 33' 23.3028" N, 83° 44' 28.1868" W

On the first day we met you became my reeve,
It was the color you had shown that was perceived.
It was a splash of green, a dash of blue and a bouquet of red,
You would have had me at hello, if that is all you had said.
Something was different here, the air was still,
Your eyes pierced my armor, and throughout ran a chill.
It seemed like an eternity before the the sun came up,
You appeared out of nowhere, dangerously abrupt.
It was your smile that dug this hole, can I get out?
Your voice guiding me, the thread to show me the route.
I can’t tell if I am actually awake, is this a dream?
Flying to find the source, it must be upstream.
There is a door, solid, made of iron and mahogany.
But you are the key, the most expensive commodity.
Do I have enough to afford this, could I be the one?
Maybe if I could you show you what has begun.
Deep within there is a need, a maroon desire,
if you gave me the starting bid, I would be the buyer.


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