Menace to Society

  Verse 1They tell me im a criminal i say im a product of societyBecause i think so differently soi cant be who theyd like from meSo i cant be who id like to be because its not who theyd like to seeI made some mistakes and i know that lifes not right for meBut they dont want to help me change from the life i leadAnd Theyve already labeled me so its hard to become who i strive to beI was raised differently so change is something new to meI just need help to be a productive member of my community I wish that i could get some help cus my mamas scared shes losin meSometimes i feel so helpless because this isnt who i choose to beMaybe its in my dna cus i seem to think differently Sometimes i think im crazy between you and meI feel like i cant adjust to how things are from how they use to beOr maybe im so different that the worlds just not use to meI cant figure life out but what i do believe is true to beIs god because hes the only one whos been true to me Chorus Im sicc and tired of the life that im livin I throw away every chance that im givin My hearts as cold as the cell that im sittin Got as much love as the mail that im gettin Im hard headed so i fail to listen Cus i been fed by a hand thats bitten I been feelin like somethings missin So i put my life in all that iv written  Verse 2They tell me im a criminal but im just crying for helpI try to be strong i was taught to think for myselfBut iv realized im an addict and ill problyalways need helpI never had alot of money never known any wealthI use to never worry about nothin not even my healthBut i know the road iv been on is leading to jailStripped of my freedom in my own personal HellEveryday im in that cell is a painful reminderThat Hell is a prison and im the only designerIm so selfish thinking its only me im hurting im killing everyone who loves me even the people who birthed meAnd that hurts meBut every time i try to change it dont feel like its workingAnd every time i try to change my addiction is worseningI need a teacher to teach me who i wanna learn to beMy reputation has condemned me cus everyone has heard of meBut my reputation was built on rumors and thats why it worries meBecause those rumors effect how the jury  sees  And everyone in this town already wants to bury me  Verse 3They tell me ima criminal and menace to societyI say that I need help dealing with these feeling inside of meBecause I cant seem to figure them out for the life of meIm just chemically unbalanced and got some different sides of meI know Im doin wrong but these voices always lie to meAnd Iv contemplated suicide just so they will die with meI know Im a good person or at least I try to beBut I always hurt myself which hurts everyone on the side of mei always seem to crash and burn and hurt the ones that ride with meLord please take this life from meI try to make the right decisions but I need you to decide for meBecause I always lose myself and then I always hide from meI can?ଡଟt find myself lord I need your help finding meI know you made me with a purpose but I cant see what you find in meI wanna speak your word but Im to distant to confide in meI know you have a plan for everyone but I need your help to rise to be Everything you made me for because its all Ive ever tried to be Thats why i wanna change so his perfect message is what ill receive Because i have a fear of loneliness and i know that he will never leave 

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My community
Our world
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