Memory, Remember Me


Some say that pain is skin deep

I beg to differ

Pain has only one purpose

To touch templates of tortured temples and conquer the space of bloodless hearts


Since the departure, the world seem off its axis

The Sun grows jealous

The stars, they’re lonely

The deserts freeze and the brave now fear

The dreaded unknown sinks in and my heart trembles as it begins to gnaw at the delicate corners of my mind


When I do think of that dream, oh what a precious little thing that my duties have ripped me from

I remember those fiery eyes

Filled with such hope and freedom

Burnt images in my thoughts seer at the edges of my harrowed heart


That last moment shared was one to remember

When kissing such a dream meant forever ended

My lips are paper and the dream is ink

Ink that has stained my pages evermore


Even the strongest of man couldn’t help but buckle to their knees in awe of the perplexity of such a fascination

Just as the courageous Montague did at the sight of Lady Capulet


I can only hope that it remembers me

Because God knows I can’t forget it      

Until then, his tears flow and flood the Earth

Only until the day my dearest dream once again becomes my timeless reality


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