A boy and girl in a photo, half a century old

Long hair on their heads, truly a sight to behold

Laughing and having fun, from a time now long past

Do they still remember, did their memories last?


Pondering on that photograph, other memories returned

Of other ancient photos, and of which I am concerned

Who were all these people, kin not known to me.

Their memories now all gone, though captured for all to see


I too have my memories, that I recorded with such glee

And I know my precious memories, will die along with me

But while I’m here those memories, continue to be mine

And when I think and cherish them, my heart becomes sublime


I do so love my old memories of times now long past

Some are good, but as to others, I simply am aghast

Good or bad they still all say, exactly who I am

You may not like them, but then again, I don’t give a damn


New and old memories, that we once held so dear

Can easily be forgotten, and it is my greatest fear

That as I grow old my memories, will all slowly fade

And I won’t have a clue who I am, sitting in the shade


So for now I’ll just smile, and remember those two kids

I can see them both so clearly, with my closed eyelids

Two young friends with lives ahead, seeking to discover

I wonder if they do recall, their memories of each other?


This poem is about: 
My family
My community



Memories, a poem about old photographs and the memories they catch that are lost when the people in them pass away. Our memories are fleeting but the physical evidence of the memory will continue long after.

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