Let's take it back to the old days.
We used to talk every day, but now things change.
Now I know that your happy because you moved on, Since I'm not in your life now I can feel the pain. This is a real tough situation. We always have deep conversations. Love hurts when it's least expected, you love me so much because I'm so different.
Give calls, and textes but don't reply.
If you choose the wrong guy, you will regret it.
Best part of relationships is spending time.
Feeling all of your emotions while looking in your eyes.
Every time that your sad, I make you feel better.
People may know you, but I know You better.
You gave me your heart, so I'm going to keep it.
Being together there ain't no need for secrets.
Always telling you that you look so fine.
We always talk because I'm worth your time.
Good memories is still in my mind.
Looking for someone loyal is hard to find.
We be up all night talking on the phone.
Most females in general hate sleeping alone.
Everything that I said is straight facts.
You made your final choice there ain't no coming back. "The people I let in my life will forever be thankful and unconditional "

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