In Memoriam

Tue, 01/06/2015 - 22:18 -- sonia.o
Your name still unfurls
from my lips like wings.
I don't know how to mention you
without it sounding like a prayer.
I am haunted by your touch
even now--paths of skin you'd
trace with calloused hands 
have scarred in your memory.
My lips are still bruised from
your eager attempts. A year later,
I can't pucker without
tasting your hunger.
Saying your name is like a prayer,
and I'm tired of taking it in vain.




Very charming poem sonia. The nature of the "memoriam"  is reinforced by the words "haunting" (and even "prayer") scarring (a very physical act) the memory (the immaterial). The last stanza is curious, the name (is so sacred) like a prayer that should not be taken in vain, a very worshipful way the speaker views the subject. Keep on writing and sharing. Q.V. 

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