The songs we survive on, drive on, and live for.

What is this love that embraces our core?

This love, that make us reckless and weak.

In the same breath makes us hopeless and meek.


This melody drives to forsake all I know.

This mistress, who pulls me to wake and grow.

The beauty of this tune, consumes my very soul.

The music whispers, and molds my pain to control.


She protects me, when no one else would.

She delivers me, when no one else could.

She teaches me, when no one understood.

She empowers me, when everyone else should.


My melody, she means everything to me.

My melody, is a uniform of unrecognized dreams.

My melody, is the song that no one sings.

My melody, is unattainable in all she brings.


When she leaps through and covers me, I feel whole inside.

When she stands up and empowers me, I exhale softly still alive.

When she crawls on and embraces me, everything is understood.

When she speaks to tell that she loves me, everything is livelihood.


I love this melody breathlessly, and this melody loves me endlessly.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



How do you uys come up with such amazing poems?  


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