A Melancholy Goodbye

Tue, 06/25/2019 - 22:21 -- lilsp

I walk home in the scalding heat, 
To prepare myself for an eternal sleep.
I talk to me and ask me, 'why?'
What hurt me so much to say goodbye? 

I tell myself they've never cared,
When I was in pain they merely stared.
They say they 'love' with no emotion. 
They lack the soul and lack devotion.

My wrists came decorated with fresh cuts,
And still they didn't give a f-
Lying in my white rose coffin,
They'll give a speech as they're sobbing.

'We did like her, she was in denial.' 
And soon my death will go viral. 
'She was so beautiful, she will be missed.' 
She should've thought twice before touching her wrists. 

They'll cherish my photos and speak of me. 
Of how they tried to break me free. 
'We tried to make her feel complete,
And stop her from going underneath.' 

But my death would've easily been prevented,
If someone got to know me and accepted, 
Who I was and how I felt. 

Maybe then, I would've dealt
With all my pain and
Put down that knife,
And chose not to end
My life. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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