Whats better than copping then getting caught feeling sprung

Whats better then catching a fall then falling in love

Whats better then arguing is kissing and making up

Whats better then imaging your touch is cuddling up

Whats better then dispelling you out of your name then saying your beauty is priceless like the desending sky

Whats better then the rotating designs is that your style one of a kind

Whats better then just lusting is as simple as making love

Whats makes it better is your smile, cheesing and my craving for you to be the one

but what makes you different is that you only see me as friend

What makes you different is that you smile only to amuse your audience to get my likeliness to flirt is abort

What makes you diferent is that you wonder prefer the charmer to deceive you then he inclines and you receive from him

Whats makes you different is that I really loved but you defused my love, had my heart and penetrated it distorted and divided it

Now its sunken emotions, you must be the ocean cause my love for you is memorable, Titanic. 

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