Meet Me At The Gates

Wed, 07/16/2014 - 01:43 -- green80

That day will haunt my thoughts

As long as I live

Sixteen years old; so full of life

You had so much to give

A son, an uncle, a brother

My very best friend

I will never forget that tragic day

That your life came to an end

I will cherish all the memories

And all the times we had

The laughs, the fights, the ups, the downs

The good and even the bad

Staying up all night watching movies

Eating popcorn and drinking Arizona green tea

Smoking cigars in the attic and on the porch

Those days were so carefree

Walking to the store at 3am

Three miles away

Hiding from the cops

And sleeping in all day

Buying tickets for Mac Miller, Warped Tour

And all kinds of different shows

It still breaks my heart

That you weren’t able to go

Playing guitar in your basement

And going swimming in the pool

Going to parties, getting high

And skipping out on school

The day before you left I drove you home

I said not to worry and it would be okay

You said “thanks man!” and smiled

Slowly turned, and walked away

I never would’ve guessed that would be the last time

That I saw you full of life

When I saw you in the hospital

You were so drained and oh so white

They had intentions to make you well again

But God had a different plan instead

He had seen you suffer through enough

Lying in that hospital bed

I witnessed all the pain

And sorrow in their eyes

The grieving and the sadness

And the tears your loved ones cried

The days that followed felt like months

That would not come to an end

Our lives shattered, our hearts broken

Far too bad to mend

When I heard that you had gone

I felt broken and alone

But you were already Heaven-bound

You had been called home

So farewell for now, be at peace my friend

Keep watch over me every day

I promise that we’ll meet again

Someday at Heaven’s gates


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