Medusa: Not Villain, but a Victim

The Greek white columns stood fierce and erect--

all things I only wish I could be.


I stepped into the courthouse

Afraid and uncertain,

Unsure if I would make it out alive.

Dreadlocks fall down my back

Itchy and scratchy like the scales of a snake. 


I sat in the witness stand and faced the prosecutor.


“Do you mind explaining to us what happened, Medusa?”



I couldn’t move.

I tried to tell the judge that.

I tried to tell everyone that.

My body turned to stone as the men conducted their sinful act.

Heavy and cold all over

I wasn’t me.


My lip quivers as I look down.

I recall feeling weak and helpless at that moment.

Suddenly, I remembered why I was here.


It was time to fight back.



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