My dear Medusa

you with your ivory skin,

your ebony hair,

your fiery eyes.


Your beauty challenged no other,

you were graceful and clever.

A priestess who was pure,

in the service of lady Athena.

And yet,

you betrayed her.

You had slept with Poseidon.

Or at least

that is how she sees it.

Dragged into bed against your will,

screaming, pleaing for help,

even when you knew no one would.

With rage and fury,

she damned you.


My dear Medusa,

you with your hideous, swampy skin,

your venomous snakes for hair,

your sickly yellow eyes.


Pitiful you,

who can't be loved.

Pitiful you,

who is feared by all.

Pitiful you,

who turns everyone to stone

with that tearful look on your face.


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