Mechanical Sensibility

Everything and everyone can be broken down into smaller bits,
But I can't let just anyone wander around with this knowledge.
I've tried to let them have just a drip;
A tiny drop to taste what the future  should the cup fall.
I've seen complaints crawling and confusion crowing
Previewing the monstrous flood when it's not even begun.
There's no sense in anyone really, so I keep holding the cup.
For most its too hard to adapt to a new concept
Like a lack of love leaving only strong friendship
Tnd thats fine by me if its fine by them
The happier the woods the happier the deer really
I do tend to wonder about these things.
Why I stop my hand for fear of flood
When I could let it spill over and watch it.
There's only a flood if the trees allow it.
I do tend to wonder what it could be like.
If the roots may
Dry out the mud.
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