Meant To Be (i am who i am)

Growing up with strict parents is not always fun
Being told No on a daily basis you begin to feel numb to every situation although you were hoping for a yes
There was no thought to it,
No hesitation
and so you're immune to this after a while and you realize why this is so.
Kids my age won't last in this world-
how they treat their bodies and poison their brains, so easily influenced by what people say.
For the first time I realized what it felt like to be betrayed the joke was on me when I found out I've been played. And by someone who I believed was my friend and at that point it was hard for me to trust again.
My parents taught me better
Always respect myself
Not to be so easily moved by others
Growing up I've been running from all negativity, tried to change my reality when all that did was make it worst.
I had to ignore what others said about me.
America's Next Top Model would come on the T.V. it was so influencing that I wanted that to be me. Tried on mom's heels and could walk in them just fine. Always told that I was so skinny and tall, I could qualify. The influence was gone,
I was never encouraged enough.
What happened to all my other dreams?
Oh, I just gave up.
Changed my mind so many times it became rough. Inching closer to adulthood its beginning to be too much. As I grow older and begin to realize, that no matter who's there with me I have to keep my eyes on the prize, stay calm and think clearly.
As a little girl I was inspired by this one police officer. She came to our school and talked with us and it was then that I knew I wanted to be a law enforcer. Making sure people are safe and protected from law breakers. This girl, no, you won't break her. The things I've been through, I can assure you that I have tough skin. And don't let this smile, my grin, and eyes fool you, because in a split second my attitude could break in.
I was
always the shy one,
the quiet one,
who didn't want any attention. Yes I had many friends and they were more outgoing than I was. I began to take dance class because I thought it would be fun not realizing that it would somewhat change how I was. Dancing and performing in front of others kind of broke me out of my shell. I became so thrilled by it I wanted to continue with this as well. Dancing and law enforcing, two of my favorite things, but not as much as my church family who are always there for me. Without the Lord, my family and friends, I do not know where or who I would be,
probably not the person I am today, but someone I would not want to be. I'm thankful for all who arrived and exited from my life. I'm thankful for all the trials and tribulations I've encountered and survived. But one thing I'm most thankful for is the love that kept me moving. I am who I am. I'm who I'm meant to be.

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