The Means To Speak


To protect the innocent

              and to punish the guilty.

Illegalities differ

              yet some are merely the same.


To protect an abused animal

              is to protect an abused child.

                            To offer love and support and stability where there is none for awhile.

To protect the innocent

              and to punish the guilty.

                                                                       To bestowe a voice to the mute.

To punish those who commit wrongdoings.



                        Assault and Abuse.

                                                            To let the voices of all the victims be heard.

To protect those and to end their suffering

                Bring their abusers to mind their consequences.

                              And to be condemned to those fiery fences.

Freedom is never truly free.

                Only by protecting the innocent and the weak.

                              Only by nuturing 

                                        and strengthening the voices of the small and meek.



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