Meaning More

Meaning More All I need is an idea of meaning,an idea of purpose for living life,an idea of something beyond aimlessly being alive. I need to know my life is worth living.I need to know I’m not wasted space,that there is a reason for my beating heart,that there is a reason for my thinking brain,that there is a reason for my humanity. Living without meaning or purpose is useless.I need to know I can make a difference in this life.I need to know I can do anything my mind conceives. I need to know I can push to any end. I am not useless.These hands can grab, shake, slap, wave, help.These legs can run, kick, jump, protect.These eyes can observe, focus, relax, wonder. I have my own power in knowing I matter.My mind can think, understand, protest, grow.My mouth can speak, inspire, defend, smile.My body can love, nurture, comfort, stand. All I need is an idea of something more.

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