Thu, 07/07/2016 - 10:42 -- TaylorP

What does poetry mean to me? I'll tell you-

Poetry is freedom

The freedom to express yourself

To speak an opinion

Through crafted words

The freedom to speak art

And have it be just as beautiful

And just as symbolic as a painting,

or any other visual art form

Poetry is a rallying cry

Because what I cannot express

To those who will not listen

Can enjoy the art that I create

With these words I use

And maybe see my point of view

Poetry is a force that binds us

For we can come from many aspects of life

Whether we are rich,






We can all partake in the art that is poetry

And learn from one another

Poetry is a savior

For when I am down

My emotions spill out onto the page

Like ink that has been

Tipped over

And once I am finished,

I am better again.

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