A Meadow For Autumn

when eve doth fall upon summers’ end, 

   a dam - hint of splendor bequeathed arises  upon firmament as changed scenery     (this third equinox act since new year) bellows;
basses loaded and blasted in sync     with pyrotechnic pizzazz,    while orchestras suites scored for cellos
plays mutely quiet riot of     multitudinous leave motif note worthy swirl     from each bronzed leaf like fellows
dancing elliptically forsooth greeting mother earth    with char rills brown sans lucy hellos.
how peachy keen and grand to be seated     at plum lined tree center stage 
to behold colorful capering down    ward spiraling threnody 
   quintessential silent rage
chapter three if nature alluded to    as a tome poem – and now the first page known to humans since…before indigenous tribes 
   occupied North America such as Osage

 and/or other natives, whose keen scents foretold    onset flora da twelve week lease 
   fauna hibernate, though psalms heard 
   seen by viz zit ting cave drawings     the soak hauled savage beast
   keen acuity to gauge. now wood nymph o'er relegated     to suffer chopping block
lock step regimentation existence commandeered 
   by strict adherence affianced to the clock
lest an employee arrive one second late –     her/his pay will go hickory dock
which sequestration to twenty first century life 
   analogous to men undergoing emasculation,     whereby he may as well be a eunuch
with thick skin fluted horn, where business     deals concluded as overhead a flock of seagulls migrate to southern climes,     which with global warming seems ad hoc yet multitudinous animals and plants     genetically under rubric of life lock
which mucking around viz industrialization     humankind doth make a mock ‘ere re: and drive many miniscule species    to take safety and shelter under a rock totally oblivious,
   those bipedal hominids haphazardly 
   scurry working to purchase schlock.
thus this pre dormant season,     where one must be vigilant and tread 
like angels heeding curtain call     drawn summer curtain closed 
   with damn the torpedoes salvo,     the cacophony kaleidoscope of color 
   per fifty plus seven shades of red
forecast thee onset of cooler temperatures     with falun gong foliage natural compost        shelter burrowing creatures, who stash goodies    at a later time to be fed
thus each of us need be vigilant 
   with no misstep to tread  upon feet lightly negotiating     whereat dwells busy itty bitty bodies well nigh invisible to the naked eye,     yet if ground swell of organisms
   once would behold
   a microscopic whirled wide web. 

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