The Me I Want To Be

Wake up in the morning,

lazy and tired me.

Mad at the world me,

when it’s just me.

Irritated and sad me.

Dad and me,

always angry at me


Get to school,

smart me,

independent me,

successful me,

friends and me,

but I isolate myself.

Just wanting to be happy me.


War in my head.

War at home.

Waiting for the weekend,

party me,

happy me.


But then same routine again.

Looks like I’m always happy,

walking around school being wonderful me,

positive me.

Smile on the outside,

but no one knows the real me.


Night comes,

It’s just lonely me.

Hopeless me.

Pain inside me.

Aching me.

Broken me.


I hope to become positive me,

successful me.

But negative me comes along,

destroying and taking over me.

Just hoping to become happy me.

Get away from numb me.


Not letting me get in the way.

Not me.

Not anyone.


Successful me,

Is what I want to be.

Not for you,

Not for anyone,


But for me.

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