From me to him

Come, please I beg you, come and sit next to me and tell me something I haven't heard before. Tell me something that I know it will not break my fragit heart, pronounce those beautiful words that will mend the cracks inside this small and broken heart.
Tell me something that will make my day worth living, speak out those words that soon or later will change my life for an instant.
You see, every time I hear your sweet voice my heart jumps off such great joy, when I see that someone is really real and not product of my lonely mind, a lonely mind that sits on top of a hill, waiting for the sun to rise between mountains and awaits for the sun rays to hit with it delicate and soft warmth.
But that's not all, you see , every time I am next to you I don't feel alone, ever time my head touches your chest, I can hear you heart and it sounds like music to me but, the best and unbelievable part is, when you kiss me, why?
Because I am no longer Alone when I am with you.

From me to him.

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