They see what they want to see when they look at me

They see the perfect girl

With the perfect grades

No one spectacular

Someone maybe a little afraid

They see a prudish uptight snob

A goody-two-shoes

A teacher's pet

That what they see when they look at me

But what they don’t know is I’m not she

There is more to me

Than who they think they see

I’m a mountain of messed up somebodies

I’m a jumble of I wanna be’s

Sure I play the perfect school girl well

And sure my grades are pristine

But I’m not a snob and I don’t suck up

I do what I gotta do and I do it right

Most of the time without a fight

To get out

To get away

To be who I wanna be someday

I’m a girl stuck in a place she don’t wanna be

I’m a girl fighting for a voice

In a world she can’t see

So they can see who they want see

Because I know me

I’m a strong and determined person

Ready to take on the world

Ready to be on my own trying new things

Sure I play by the book now

But one day I’m gonna break every rule and I’m gonna live little

Because I’m definitely not now

One day soon I’m going to prove them all wrong

And show they who I was all along


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