A woman’s face, a window pane

The leaf that left the sidewalk stained

Visionary’s sidekick, studying

To learn the way


Books surrounded her

About the world, one about troubadours.

Music mystified her loving

It about as much as words.


Countless scarves and sweaters

‘I love yous’ and ‘feel betters’

By the stacks of packages

You can tell her mother loves her


Cleanly and unkempt

Surrounds herself with her attempts

Sees art in all the wreckage

And is clear in her intents


Hot suns above, forever blinking

Is she here or is she thinking?

Will help if she can

Help it.  Stop you from sinking


Into old thoughts and ways,

“Let’s move onward.” She would say

If you mean it take a stand

And she’ll be with you all the way.

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