This is ME

I am, the girl who walkes in the hallway, headphones in, head down, avoiding everybody. 

the girl everybody always forgets about,

the girl who used to be really smart but now cant make a grade higher than a C,

the girl that looks at her scars often because the temptation is so real but promised many people she wouldnt cut anymore,

the girl who would rather keep to herself rather than deal with highschool bullshit. 


I am also the girl with the nice smile, 

the girl who loves unconditionaly,

the girl that loves her music more than anything,

the girl that smiles through pretty much anything,

the girl that is there for anybody whenever they need her

I am strong, kind, patient and loving. 

I am, Me 


This poem is about: 



Very beautifully written, really gave me insight of your feelings!

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