This is for me

Tue, 02/17/2015 - 12:29 -- I_Am


The moment you lose your best friend and who use to be

The moment you look in the mirror and see who you never wanted to be or hated to be, you are exactly alike to the T

The moment you realize you are much more hurt than your pride will let you be

That very fuckin moment you realize you lost everything you worked so hard to be amd not to become

But look at what you've become

This isn't becoming of you to curse, to scowl, to roll your eyes, hell to not even give a damn about another beings feelings

I've literally taken a gun to the girl I use to be and shot her through the head and through the heart to finish her off

If I could revive that very soul I've killed

If I could see into the future and stop myself from committing a murder

I fuckin would

To the old me I'm sorry

To future me... I'll do better

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