This is Me

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 03:43 -- Arymat


The life we live in is the life we sin in

Why judge someone when everyone was sinning from the beginning

The beginning of conception, about 98% of your parents was not married when they conceived you, you have the power to judge me for a second I believed you

For a second I did but I've spoken to the lord above

I heard "come as you are my child you are loved"

The things I do today is none stop... PERSISTENT

I'll do what I did when I'm gone as I do now that I'm living

This world is a opportunity so I take it when it's giving

I don't know about you but I'm true to myself

Truth be told the world is filled with jealousy and greed even myself

I rather conversation makers say it was all her fault she's gone... not anyone else

I'll teach if you're wiling to learn

The story of my journeys I'm wiling to burn

Chapter after chapter my story will become a success for those who lives were a disaster

I pray everyday to reach my passion, I do what I have to do because I live and I outlast it

I hope you understand what I am saying here today

Mark my words " Don't judge me on what I do or what I say, judge me off of what I've made out of myself and the effort I display "

It's wishful thinking because you will judge me anyway...




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