This is me

when I hear the word great

I think about trying so hard to

ace the  act, but too lazy to

do it, because it's too late.

why does a test define you?

your character and your style

make you feel so good about yourself

like you in a happy little town

Even though you feeling down

but in the end

you really falling down

deeper in the hole in the dirty, little ground

I want to be great

I want to be successful and find me a mate

Maybe go on a little date

I don't want to be late

but sometimes I'm just a little too late

I want to be great

I want to be happy

can I find it somehow?

sometimes I can't manage it now

because it's so hard

I really don't know how?

I'm a confused girl stuck in a

body that i don't want.

what is pretty to you ?

a model who in doubt

who really be tripping over a cute little pouch

What is great to you ?

A person who study their books

But can't cross the street for no goods

im suffering and really can't pick myself up now.

My mom talk to me

Always telling me to keep my head up in the game

I sometime listen

I look back at her , throwing my head down in shame

Instead of being a spoil brat and keep on bickering,

Mom i need help

Help get me out

I'm stuck in a nightosphere

I'm trying to find my way out

My might or fear

I need help and i can't find a way out  


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