When I think of the word Me, I think of myself of course. When people say that word I know they're also talking about themselves. What a label or name to have and to hold. To know you have something to call yourself... Me. What a word, a two letter word. Simple, short, and sweet. What pleasure to call myself, Me. I can use it anywhere at any time I want to. Without having to be heard. If I wanted to be I wouldn't be in a quiet place. You also can call yourself Me. Without it being harmful. Without any reason of just you being yourself. Me, simple and sweet. Pleasurable too. Me, what a word, what a sound, what a beautiful word. What a thing to remember too. It's rememberable because of it's two simple letters. One consanent and one vowel. ME! No one can take that away from Me because they also have it as a word to have and to hold forever more.

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