A Maze in the Truest Form - A Dedication to the book Flowers for Algernon


We loved each other in the truest form

She, was my everything

We overcame the initial boundaries

So why wasn’t that enough?!


Why couldn’t I stay on the highest level of intellect?

Why did I have to return back to the basic?

Back to the life initially given to me by God alone

To fight the biggest struggle


The struggle of either remaining stuck in the shadows of intellect

Or soaring through every theory known to man

I tried to find a solution for myself!

I tried to make people see!

See that there was more to “dumb Charlie Gordon”

That there was more to me


But that’s just it isn’t it?!

Life is a maze

There is no direct way through!

I shouldn’t have tried to find the easiest solution

I should have opted for a way around

As in a path less taken

A path that would have taken me where I needed to go

Into her arms for all the time that we had left

But I was too hasty, and she was too comforting

I was too cold, and she was too distant

She was trying to please me, to make me love her so much more

But didn’t she know that I had this deep found respect and love for her?

A love that would never go away

A love that meant more to me than solving some stupid lab maze

A love that consumed me, and ultimately consumed every bit of her


We were in love, in the truest form

 I, was her everything

So why did it have to change?

Why did I ever want to solve the hardest maze given to me!

The maze that led me to that little glimpse of hope

The maze that provided me with a short lived life of passion and soaring intellect

The maze that led me to where I am now

The maze that is my life, my brain

The maze that is me


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