Maybe you would understand


At age twelve her calling led her here
this visionary burning crystal clear.

You could not tell she was troubled in this haze
for a mask sculpted displayed pre-dreary days.
Opposite from what she shows for all to see
she remains this sort of sunshine to her coterie.
With no fear, this abstract bouquet of mystery,
deeply shares her starting line of philosophies.

Unfortunately, this utopian filled child
is misunderstood with all she compiles.
Society does not fit right with this beacon minor
always shunning her, never to let be honored.
At least she, in sync with serenity,
has a happiness found in her identity.

A tree hugger at its finest
in nature she is at her divinest.
Inscrutable to the ignorant
believing all in a coincident.
Spending a truculent expanse of time
with her soul, has allowed comfort in sublime. 


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