Maybe America Isn't So Brave

Thu, 05/04/2017 - 09:08 -- s.poet

At a time when unity is never been more necessary,
We put our trust and country into regressionary
Actions that will “Make America Great Again!”
But many left questioning,
“What if we are not white?”

America: “Give me your tired,
your poor, your huddled masses
yearning to breathe free.”
A nation formed by immigrants for immigrants;
A place to be accepted with open arms.

From our roots we strayed.
Refugees desperate for safety,
Surely America, Home of the Free
Land of the Brave will accept us!
Only to be turned away because

Maybe we aren’t so brave.

On the news we see endless attacks,
Desensitizing us to the brutality.
How many more young black lives ended
Over what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop?
Blue Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!

Division deepens.

But if,
Instead of walls we build bridges.
Instead of travel bans, we spread our arms open wide.
Instead of ignoring racial issues, we acknowledge and work to fix them.
Instead of electing hatred and fear, we work towards unity and love.

For only then, will America truly be Great.

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My country


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